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Our travel reporter “chaeJJme” shows his highlights of Hawaii


Aloha my fellow travelers, I’m your featured armature photographer. My name is JJ. I recently had a chance to visit Oahu, Hawaii a couple of months back, and here are some of my favorite photos. Enjoy! Any feedbacks are much appreciated.

My friends and I (a group of 16 people) stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki. Some of you probably have already seen the iconic Rainbow tower before.

Text: JJ / chaeJJme

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Hawaii is a place with a mixed culture. Asian cultural heritage can be seen everywhere. Many Hawaiians are descendants of Asian immigrants. You will actually think that you’re in Japan not the United States.

And there’s nothing else better to do than to go surfing! The north shore beaches are ideal spots for surfing (I took this at a random alley in Waikiki, unfortunately I didn’t take any photos when I visited the north shore…).

And the most famous attraction? The Diamond Head, also known to Hawaiian as Lēʻahi, has a defining feature of the view of Waikiki and the surrounding communities. It took us less than 30 minutes to hike to the top. The island of Oahu also hosts other numerous hiking trails. Some of the famous ones are Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail and Olomana Trail.

Also if you have time, make sure you go pay a visit to the statue of King Kamekameha the Great (yes same pronunciation as that in Dragon Ball). He united the islands of Hawaii in 1810. This statue is located in the middle of downtown Honolulu.


Last but not least, Waimanalo Beach Park is my favorite spot. It’s my secret hidden beach, stretching for several kilometers. It’s quiet and peaceful, so there won’t be a lot of people! How awesome does that sound? It’s just around an hour drive from Waikiki too.

The next edition features „Bangkok through JJ’s lens“. Be stocked for that!